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Gather. Restore. Disciple. Here at Covenant Church, we want to gather men, create a place of refuge to restore the hearts and minds of men, and follow Jesus' command to disciple one another as men of faith. We believe that men have anointing and power to restore and build our families, church, community, nation and the world. It has been stated "being born a male is a matter of birth, but becoming a man is a matter of choice." So, today we urge you to join this vital part of the body of Christ – Men of Covenant!

Men's Bible Studies
This is a place where men can learn transparency, accountability and grow in the Word of God. Guard your heart and mind from the whim of the enemy. Join us to experience what it means to become a "whole man" in spirit, soul and body.  

CovMen's Breakfast & Power Hour: 3rd Saturday of every month at 8am

1000 Men of Prayer:
Join Pastor Joe Merrill and Our Apostolic Covering Pastor Mike Hayes in praying for key elements of our Christian life: from individual concerns, to national and international issues, by becoming a part of 1000 Men of Prayer. Click here to register or e-mail

Community Outreach & Missions
In this program, we will take selected men to engage in church work projects and special service days, such as minor car maintenance for single-mothers and the elderly and minor home repairs. and help other churches with renovations. We will take road trips to devastated areas of the country and abroad and lend our hands in humanitarian work, ministry, or whatever the need calls for. Serving our community and church is a life-changing experience.  


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